The Right Time?

I’m a perfectionist and it’s something I both love and hate about myself.  I love that it keeps me pushing forward, striving to be better at the things that are most important to me … taking pictures, being a good parent and roll model, a loving partner, a daughter who can be admired.

The negative side is that I never feel like I’m good enough.  It’s a creatives curse.  I’ve come to the realization that perfectionism leads to procrastination and therein lies the reason for my delay in embracing social media which when running a successful business, most consider to be a first step not the last.  Like many other parts of my life, finding “The Right Time” to implement certain goals has been somewhat of a journey, but NOW is the right time.  I’m going to SHARE my work and my passion for preserving human stories through the capturing of exceptional and meaningful still images.

Please help me by following me on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and by checking out my NEW BLOG. I promise to become a photographer who actually posts something!  The beginning of a new journey.

Here in this first post are two of my favorite subjects.  They have their own section on my website: Made In England  I remember feeling when they were around two and five that they would be young forever.  Now those little boy years are slipping by oh so fast.

February 17, 2017

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